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Hi, I am Susie!

Here is Susie, a curious person who loves to explore new things. I am an international student from China. I Graduated from Michigan State University and obtained a Master’s degree in Media and Information - User Experience concentration.


During my five years of college, I worked as a product manager at Continental Ocean Technology for four months, opened my clothing store, and managed my social media for three years. In this process, I learned to become more sensitive to user needs, increase my skills with pain point analyses, and provide solutions.


I love meeting new people and the way that ideas come together, which gives me a refreshing outlook or perspective, and passion for trying my next project. I am good at exploring people’s needs, building practical tools, and matching products to the emotional needs of users. In addition to my professional ability, I bring sincerity, and enthusiasm to each design.



In the five years of studying in the United States, in addition to my coursework, I had many other accomplishments. So, I've kept myself busy with a lot of personal passions. I've learned everything I've done and enjoy the new perspective and growth that everything brings to me.

Here is what others think about my work

"From the few month of experience that I worked with Shu. I was amazed by her motivation and ideas; she worked in a product designer position and helped us upgrade a survey system for poll workers. I can tell she has such great talent of understanding what user is looking for, and I would love to continue to have her on our team but unfortunately she moved to Texas."

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 4.21.16 PM.png

James Chen


"Susie is a creative designer and is always responsive. She is not only a thinker with great ideas but also tends to execute those ideas at a timely manner. She is very easy to work with and turns work around quickly at fairly good quality."


Bingbing Chen

Michigan State University

I'm looking for new opportunities at this moment. If you are interested in my work or willing to give me a chance to grow, I will try my best to complete every challenge!

I would love to find time and chat over tea on Zoom or Linkedin!

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Phone: 517-802-0814


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