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My Past Experience

GUOlianhuoyun logistics company

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I started cooperating with a Chinese logistics company because I saw the vacancy and demand in the market. Through the service and price comparison of multiple logistics companies, I chose my partner company, set prices, drafted instructions, understood customer needs, and solved the problems encountered in the service one by one. At the same time, I designed the brand's logo. I have cooperated with Chinese companies for five years, and it has obtained the complete trust of the Chinese company I've built relationships with. I also used my income to travel to three countries to satisfy my travel-loving heart.


Lychee Clothing Shop

In my junior year, I opened a girl’s dream clothing store by registering a company, looking for a lawyer, contacting an accountant to purchase goods, store design, decoration, and publicity.

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ZJ Express

In my senior year, I joined a startup company and worked as a product manager, designed the ZJ Express international logistics website, and reached a logistics cooperation with FedEx to get a 70% discount.

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Eat and Play in Michigan-Social Media Management

During my one year of postgraduate study, I learned about the needs of many Chinese students and created a Chinese sharing 'Self-media', I made a Chinese account on WeChat to share the surrounding life information. Which has gained 3k+ attention and is the top 1 well-known account in the same type of account in Michigan. 

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HighFun - MSU 2022 Burgess Investment Competition

I designed an application to enter the semi-finals of the MSU 2022 Burgess Investment Competition. To accomplish this, I also do user research, business planning, investment presentations, and developing websites.


MSU CUSA - Student Union

(Michigan State University Chinese Undergraduate Student Association)

In this student union, I work in the design department to design posters and make videos. I can do product design and use Photoshop, Premier, and Aftereffect for image design and video editing. I shot the most viewed video of the student council in the same year.


MSU CSSA - Student Union

(Michigan State University Chinese Student & Scholar Association)

I work in the event planning group at CSSA, participating in event design, and developing and planning 3+ events per year for roughly 200 students to increase the organization’s reputation among Chinese students. Primary duties include planning and executing events including all event details, preparation process, project timeline, personnel allocation, and risk prediction.


My interest - Singing


I am a person who likes to sing, and it is also an important tool to help me find inspiration. I enjoy immersing myself in the feeling of singing. I have won two championships and was a runner-up in singing competitions held by the student union.


As a result of these experiences, I've gained much experience and data from practice, and now have a better understanding of a product's target market. I experienced many challenges and failures during these experiences. However, each challenge made me a better communicator, better able to think from the user’s point of view, more flexible, and more creative. Whether it is from product design or the feasibility of a project, I have gained insights through these experiences. 

I'm looking for new opportunities at this moment. If you are interested in my work or willing to give me a chance to grow, I will try my best to complete every challenge!

I would love to find time and chat over tea on Zoom or Linkedin!

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Phone: 517-802-0814


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